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Rehearsal Dinner table with 3 glass vases filled with various flowers and greenery on top of a neutral runner. Various rocks in the background with rays of sunshine hitting the top of the table.




The Mother Daughter Creatives

Posy girls standing in front of Posy on Wheels surrounded by various blooms in silver vases.
Leslie Farquhar perfecting a floral arrangment inside Posy on Wheels.

Leslie hard at work perfecting an arrangement.

Meet the "Posy Girls," Leslie and Chelsea Farquhar. The mother daughter team that are the creative minds behind Posy on Wheels.

Both born and raised in Asheville, NC, our passion for bringing creative floral designs to our community is part of our family history. Both of Chelsea's grandparents and parents owned and operated their own florists here in North Carolina as well as in Michigan.

We are a one of a kind business offering quality flowers for a better price. Posy is unique in that instead of being a flower truck, we are a mobile full service florist in a tiny house bringing the creative fun to your next party or event.


Chelsea adding the prettiest touch of greens.

Posy on Wheels surrounded by various florals in silver buckets with a metal watering can sitting next to the tiny house on wheels.

The Posy Idea

Our business formed from a small seedling of an idea on a winters day when Leslie became inspired while she was digging her toes in the sand at the beach, dreaming of warmer days and her readiness to get back into her garden.


A passion that has grown with her since her childhood, Leslie has always worked with blooms. On this day she felt called to turn her dream of owning her own floral business to reality but with a twist – to be able to take her flower shop with her wherever she wanted providing a fun, interactive experience for her customers.

The Posy on Wheels Concept

Soon after she returned home, Leslie called upon her daughter Chelsea to share her exciting idea and from there they came together and formed a plan. From drawings, to supply lists, budgets and more, Posy become more than just an idea, it became a tangible business model.

We knew from the beginning we didn’t want to be a flower truck, we wanted to draw outside the lines and become a fully operating florist on wheels. In March 2022 we started looking at horse trailers all over the east coast, and though we had a few leads nothing lead to anything solid.


That’s when we had another idea: why not buy a trailer and build exactly what we want from the ground up. And that’s exactly what we did. With (so much!) help from Gordon, Leslie's husband and Chelsea's father, we built our portable flower house in 5 weeks. This has truly been a family affair from the beginning.


Posy On Wheels is ready to let the good times roll!


The earth laughs in flowers.



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